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Emotional Freedom

What is emotional freedom?

We’re glad you asked! We worked hard to identify it as when you own the power to process how you think, act, and speak regarding emotion without hindrance or restraint, and then making wise choices that build relationship rather than tear it down. 


Why is emotional freedom important? 

God created emotions. Learning how to navigate them is vital to being able to have healthy relationship with God, self, and others. Emotions serve as indicators, not dictators and it’s important that we take responsibility for our own unique emotional framework from which we operate. 


When we walk in emotional freedom, we get the privilege to build relationship rather than tear it down. 

Building better relationships looks something like this: authenticity, trust, communication, integrity, vulnerability, intimacy, camaraderie  partnership, forgiveness, confidence, emotional regulation, owning and using one’s voice, awareness, emotional intelligence, compassion, emotional safety, and so much more.


Tearing relationships down looks something like this: emotionally reactive, conflict avoidant, lying, shaming, guilt, control, unforgiveness, bitterness, abusiveness, manipulation, codependency, addiction, obsession, hypervigilance, temperature-taking, self-sabotage, gaslighting, shutting down, withdrawal, isolation, and so much more.


Who is this for? 

If you are a human, this is for you. 


Emotional Freedom Coaching

Here at Resilient, we want to help you build better relationships. It takes resilience to do so, that’s why we have a growing team of Emotional Freedom Coaches that will walk you through our uniquely designed "E3" curriculum and help you do just that. 


What you can expect from this process:

You will be lead through what we call the three cubes of emotional freedom. 

  • The first cube is “Experiencing.” This is where your personal coach helps you understand your relationship with emotions. 

  • The second cube is “Embracing.” This is where your personal coach helps you create new relationship with emotions. 

  • The third cube is “Expressing.” This is where your personal coach helps you nurture your new relationship with emotions. 



  • Weekly coaching 

  • Personalized work with a coach

  • Payment due upon visit


  • Groups of anywhere from 3-10 people

  • Can be paid in full or split into monthly payments

  • Covers 3 months of coaching

  • Weekly coaching calls and help walking through the companionship workbook

  • Friend-bonus: $25 off cost per friend you bring into the group with you

Group coaching values at $1,500

Group Coaching Savings of $303

Become an Emotional Freedom Coach

This is for individuals who want to become a Certified Emotional Freedom Coach!

  • Certified coaches will lead their clients through a personalized journey using the “E3” Curriculum Workbook as a framework.  This is an exclusive PDF download​​ for those in the coaching programs we offer.

  • The curriculum is structured to meet with clients weekly for 12 weeks for best results.  This may vary, depending on the needs of the client.

  • There is a cost for the certification and training program.  Please contact our team for further information and pricing structures.

  • The coach has the freedom in building their own clientele.

  • There is a discount to certify and train multiple people at one time, if a few friends wish to enroll in a group training together.

  • There is a yearly fee to remain certified which includes continuing education on building a coaching business and additional support. 

  • Coaches will have an exclusive conference for them yearly as a team building experience and to further equip them. 

Contact us to begin your journey to become a Certified Emotional Freedom Coach!

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