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Jenna Barbosa

Founder and President

Hi, I'm Jenna! I'm so beyond excited you've stopped by and are checking us out. I truly hope God moves big in your heart and draws you in to the freedom that awaits you.


My personal mission is to inspire resilience and lead others to the heart of Jesus. My vision is to help others build better relationships by walking emotionally free. 

After walking through some dark times in my life, I have resolved to use what God has taught me to help others find the light at the end of the tunnel and come out the other side. I love Jesus, psychology, speaking and teaching - wether on stage or in the pages of a book. By the way, I am the author of Tenacious Grace: Redefine Your Relationship With Food and End Emotional Eating. It's one area I've learned to walk emotionally free in and pray it helps others in their journey. I genuinely have a desire to help people become more resilient in life. 

I utilize my training from my Master's Degree in Nonprofit Administration, Advanced Diploma in Biblical Counseling, and Certification in Life Coaching to support my efforts. Above all, I rely on wisdom from God and the support of our board members and close friends to lead my steps.

Some fun facts about me include my love for laughter - like the hard, belly laughter that makes you question if you'll be able to find breath again, the ocean and beach, creamy coffee, the Fall season, the Christmas holiday, motorcycle riding, and anything creative I can do with my hands.


I pray I get the chance to serve your heart in a big way on your own journey of emotional freedom.

Natasha Williams

Vice President

Hey friends, my name is Natasha Williams. I am so blessed to say that I am Vice President of Resilient Ministries, as well as one of the Tenacious Grace and Emotional Freedom Coaches. I am so excited that you have taken the time to read this and gather information. You are one step further on your own personal journey. 


I am passionate about teaching others the good news of Jesus and the gift of forgiveness that sets captives free. It is my mission to encourage and edify individuals while they experience their own personal transformation.  I spent the first thirty years of my life held captive to the oppression of shame and guilt followed by many forms of addiction. I utilize the gifts that God has given me to encourage others to see themselves the way that God sees them. 


My life has personally been transformed by God through Resilient Ministries' amazing team and by walking out my own Tenacious Grace: Redefine Your Relationship With Food and End Emotional Eating journey. 


I am a zealous daughter and passionate follower of Jesus Christ, wife, mother of five including twins, Certified Life Coach, Addiction Counselor, and a sinner that Jesus has given the gift of life. I love to travel, spend time outdoors, and with my family. Fall is my favorite season. Hot apple cider is my jam! I thoroughly enjoy thinking outside the box and goal setting. Challenges excite me! I have a heart for service work and enjoy trying new things. I enjoy talking and being in community and have come to enjoy and crave being completely still. Rest and balance are two words I despised at one time and yet they have become my normal. My prayer for you, even as you are reading this, is that you get to experience your own personal transformation in your journey of emotional freedom. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you. The journey of 1,000 miles starts with the first step!


Carrie Green

Treasurer & CPA

Carrie Green is an Accountant and the Founder of Count Your Blessings Bookkeeping. She has been married to Terrell for seventeen years, is the mother of two adult daughters (Destiny and Kenadee), and has most recently been blessed with the title of grandmother to both Bella and Apollo.


While Carrie is known for delighting in getting lost in financial spreadsheets for hours, she is notably gifted in intercessory prayer. Carrie delights in meeting one-on-one with women to help them carry the sacred things to God in prayer. She passionately believes in the power of prayer and is often called on to teach on the subject.

Michelle Kyle

Director of Outreach

Michelle serves on the board of Resilient as the Director of Outreach. She is currently a full-time missionary to Northern Ireland and uses sports as an avenue to build relationships and tell people about Jesus. She helps mobilize disciples to make disciples in Europe. 

Her experience with networking organizations and people to come together for a bigger goal brings value to her role on the board. Resilient will collaborate and serve within the community - local and abroad - in ways that change lives under Michelle's leadership.


In her spare time, she loves doing word studies. It's as if the words come to life in her soul when she digs into the roots and origins. Words are powerful, and Michelle doesn't take them for granted.


Often, you’ll find her doing something sporty, listening to music, watching Gilmore Girls, or reading a good book.

Bio Michelle Kyle.jpg

Julia Phillips

Director of Media

Julia brings her photography, videography, and creative skills to the table as Resilient's Director of Media. She has a great vision for helping grow the social media and aesthetics of Resilient. 


She has a background in management and marketing, leading teams within organizations such as FIRST Robotics. With her love for people and desire to see them grow, Julia brings a welcoming energy to everyone who walks through the door.


In her personal life, Julia loves spending time with her husband, Eric, and their dog, Blu. She is both a photographer and a musician, and you may even catch her at a local concert behind a camera on the weekends.

Londi Tow

Design Stylist

Londi serves as the exclusive design stylist for all of Resilient Ministries' live events and video content. Her boutique, Common Thread Life, offers an oasis of beauty, unique style, and loving care for all her clients. 

She uses her boutique to help raise funds for hand-picked businesses and champions others who have a heart for God and His truth. 

She is a wife and mom, business strategist, speaker, leader, and so much more. Resilient is blessed to have her bring her talents in fashion to the table. 


Core Values


Standing firm on God’s word as truth and our guiding principles as well as serving others from a heart that reflects the heart of Christ. 


Treating all people with dignity and valuing different perspectives.


Honoring the mission of the organization and upholding core values honestly and earnestly.


Stewardship: Being financially, socially, and spiritually responsible.


Striving to be above reproach ethically. 



Challenging others to strive for excellence and continuously seeking after opportunities for further learning.


Embracing improvement and change while continuously seeking after new and creative solutions and having fun in the process.



Adopting a collaborative mindset and being willing to be held accountable for one’s actions while working alongside each other toward organizational excellence.


Making sound judgments based on Biblical principles and for the good of those served.



Operating under one mission while embracing our unique differences. 

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