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Resilient operates as one main umbrella of emotional freedom with niche programs under that umbrella.


The different programs focus on emotional freedom in specific areas. Each program has its own infrastructure on what is best needed to serve those interested in each one. 

It's our hope that through these programs, the sky is the limit on which programs can be developed and serve you and those seeking help in different ways. In doing so, we pray we will fulfill our mission to help you build better relationships. 

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Tenacious Grace

Tenacious Grace is a journey where you will redefine your relationship with food and end emotional eating. Through individual and group coaching, an online course, community, and live events, you'll learn how to identify the emotional eating cycle, interact with the three different types of hunger differently, and find support while exploring why you desire to eat when your body is not physically hungry.


Discover solid truths about singleness, reveal areas of resistance to fully embrace your singleness and all God has for you, and learn God’s perspective on singleness all while enjoying an environment of community and fun with other singles. 

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The teenage years are often the hardest. It's where we learn who we are in each role we play in relationships. This time frame is vital to learning how to operate functionally and happily in interpersonal relationships.


Resilient desires to start laying solid foundation as early as possible. We do this by pouring into the lives of teenagers and helping them look at a fresh picture on life, what God has to say about it and themselves. 

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